This Audi Ad With Young Spock And Old Spock Is Freaking Hilarious

The best thing about the last Star Trek movie was the extended Leonard Nimoy cameo alongside young Spock, played by Zachary Quinto. Now Quinto and Nimoy are back in this ad for Audi, and it's so good.

This two-minute ad has it all: multi-dimensional chess, USS Enterprise-like comparisons of the new Audi S7 Sportback, Nimoy singing the Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins again and even a look at the new robotic Audi TT. Fascinating.

Seriously, watch this ad. I want to hang out with these two Spocks. [Popcorn Taxi]


    That's classic, they better have that as a pre-show ad for the movie.

    that is a really good ad! Mercedes better come up with something better!

    lol @ the lens flares

    Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins: the bravest little hobbit of them all.

    this might even be better then the VW Superbowl ad from from a few years back, with the vadar kid,

    GOLD! so many random funny nods to the nerds the bilbo baggins bit made me laugh so much everyone at work was looking at me

    Awesome ad, did a quick price check US MSRP 97,000 AU 197,000 OUCH!

      Why the hell is there a 100,000 difference?!

        Because Australia.

        Well, its not quite so simple. The US are getting the entire range of A7 Sportback, while Australia is only getting the top-spec models. Nevertheless the US are probably one of the cheapest places to pick up any kind of car. Heck, they are paying something like $ 25k for a Camaro.

          is it economical enough to buy one over there and have it shipped?

            not really no.

            Cars over here are expensive because of a range of factors. Size of the local car market, distance for shipping and the crazy-high luxury car import tax.

            Unlike gadgets, software and other such items whose price disparity we all constantly whinge over, actual cars are a very different kettle of fish that cannot easily be argued away.

              Its not quite so simple. Shipping costs are not really an issue, scale of imports lowers charges dramatically. Luxury tax on the other hand is definitely a factor, this is one of the primary reasons making European cars fairly expensive, esp in medium and large car-segments.

              However the companies definitely like to overcharge in certain circumstances too, because they are fairly well aware of what customers are willing to pay. Volkswagen for instance has over the last few years lowered their prices for small cars quite a bit, because they are trying to become a mainstream player instead of a luxury small car-niche-presence. Another example are certain parts of the motorcycle market, where brands such as Harley Davidson or pretty much every manufacturer of Motocross- and Enduro-bikes are asking insane prices, because they know, that customers are willing and able to pay them.

            Forgive my ignorance, but isn't there a little issue of "steering wheel being on wrong side"?

              Does not matter for ADR-compliance, but yes, it can be annoying and would probably put off some people. Cars can be sourced from other countries with Right hand-driving, such as UK, India or South Africa. Also conversions are available, for a price of course. Many a Corvette have been imported and converted to RHD, esp during the 1980s.

                Oh, neat. I did not know this. I don't think I've ever seen a right-sided car in Australia (on the roads, at least).

                  Its rare, indeed, seeing LHD/RHT cars. Most of them are vintage American. As I said, most people dont like it and it takes some getting used to driving them here.

                  Last edited 09/05/13 3:19 pm

            Yes, it can be economical, but it depends on a number of factors. Its also a matter of legality. If a company is already importing a specific model (including the actual brand itself, eg Audi or Mercedes), it is not legally possible to privately buy this model somewhere else and ship it here (so its impossible in the case of the A7 for instance).
            If the model is not available in Australia or not in production anymore (any vintage car), it may be imported, but the buyer must ensure, that it is compliant with ADR-rules (safety and emissions regulations mostly, very lenient for vintage cars) to be driven on Australian roads. Countless old Mustangs have been imported this way, also Corvettes etc. Of course taxes and fees apply, such as the mentioned luxury car tax. So yeah, it may make sense, but not necessarily. Its mostly attractive for older cars and a fair few motorcycles (as many models are not available here, esp Japanese bikes).

              To add to this, to ensure the vehicle meets Australian compliance, you pretty much have to destroy one car. After that car is tested, you have a license to bring in more of that model. Also, even if the specific model you're interested in wasn't ever sold in Australia, if a directly related model is (or was) then you're out of luck. I wanted to bring in a second hand Audi B7 S4 Avant from the UK, but because the B7 A4 Avant was sold here, I couldn't get a permit.

              One way around this for some lucky people is to buy the car in the UK and register it there for 12 months. You can then import it to Australia with no questions asked. Of course, you need a British passport and residence, so this is a pretty specific 'solution'... You could kind of do the same thing in the US, but cars that are less than about 30 years old (forget the actual year) still need to be RHD converted.

        The premium brands like to rip us off because rich Aussies dont ask questions. They see a German badge and are willing to pay through the nose for it. It's also due to a lot of other factors, but the bulk of the price difference is the Luxury brands gouging us.

    That was a rather cool ad, not in your face or over the top. Had to lol at the lensflare added for Young Spocks car.

    Did i detect a little Star Wars referencing in there?
    "Use your sensors"
    I wonder how much fun these two had making this ad. :)

      'Sensors' are also a Trek thing. The first thing Picard et al. does upon arriving to a planet/unknown vessel/whatever is do do a sensor sweep

    That was terrible. It felt like a cheesy 2am infomercial.

    "Oh no, I can't fit my golf clubs into the back of a CLS which is clearly big enough to fit them. Should I try again or just fall over several times?"

    What the? Since when were you ever allowed to show another brand of car in your advertisement and even more so depict it in a clearly negative biased way?

    Last edited 10/05/13 12:53 am

      The only negative was that you couldn't easily fit a golf club bag into the boot. If it's true.....don't think they can do much. Also it's wasn't really that bad, they were obviously just taking the piss.

    Probably the BEST car promo I have ever seen. The crowd will love it.

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