These Crazy Aussie Trick Shots Are Beyond Belief

It's amazing what can be done when you give a bunch of GoPro action cameras to a handful of good-looking Aussies. In this case, they decide to venture into Australia's most beautiful rainforest and dive off waterfalls, throw trick shots with footballs and generally lark about. Beneath all the aesthetically pleasing athletic display, however, is some of the best-looking cinematography I have seen in an action cam video. Check this out.

The video is actually produced by Queensland's tourism authority to get people to visit Tropical North Queensland.

18 GoPro cameras are used to capture the action here, and they're deployed perfectly. Fish-eye close-ups, first-person waterfall diving, a random mermaid. There's even a bullet-time rig fashioned at one stage.

Presumably if you visit Tropical North Queensland, one of the attractions include a bunch of yellow buckets around the rainforest with good-looking people messing around with them.

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