There's A Malcolm Turnbull And Stephen Conroy Debate Happening Now, Here's How To Watch It Live

OurSay is about to live-stream The Communications Debate: a showdown on national broadband policy between Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and his Shadow Liberal opposite, Malcolm Turnbull. The best part — besides all the feelings we're likely to see — is that it's live-streaming on the web. Watch along with us!

Some background reading to this debate is yesterday's announcement that the government will add 1.3 million homes to its National Broadband Network roll-out by 2016, as well as a brief synopsis of the Coalition's fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) broadband policy.

The debate officially kicks off at 9:45am (AEST). [OurSay, ZDNet]

Image: Stefan Postles/Getty

Debate image via Shutterstock

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