The Roller Coaster That Hurricane Sandy Dumped Into The Ocean Is Being Torn Down

The Roller Coaster That Hurricane Sandy Dumped Into The Ocean Is Being Torn Down

While most of the world has moved on since Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc late last October, countless communities are still reeling and recovering from its utter devastation. And today, the Jet Star roller coaster of Seaside Heights, New Jersey, one of the more iconic landmarks from Sandy, is being laid to rest for good.

According to the AP, the Jet Star, which fell into the ocean when the Casino Pier disintegrated, will take about four days (or 48 hours) to demolish with work beginning as soon as Prince Harry is done touring the area today.

“As we all know, it’s been a long journey to get to here,” Toby Wolf, a spokeswoman for Casino Pier told WCBS 880. “Seeing that visibly gone will be kind of a feeling of moving forward. A sense of moving forward.”

Crews had already been in brought in earlier this morning in preparation of the work ahead.

While it hasn’t been in operation since 2000, the Jet Star first started crunching vertebrae and presumably caused many an upchuck starting in 1972 at the Palisades Amusement Park. It moved to Casino Pier at some point thereafter. It also shouldn’t be confused with the Star Jet, which replaced the Jet Star in 2002. (There are some conflicting reports and we’ve reached out to Casino Pier but if you know which is which, feel free to drop them into comments.)

The Jet Star stood 44.3 feet high with a top speed of 31.1MPH, according to the Roller Coaster Database. The only thrill it has left to give, though, is going to come in the form of a wrecking ball. [AP]