The Night Sky In Death Valley Is Extra Beautiful When Time Lapsed

We really take the night sky for granted these days. Between light pollution and Top Gear reruns it’s hard to remember that the stars are out there all the time. But they are and in Death Valley you can see them looking badass whenever you want.

In case you don’t have time for a quick road trip, though, Gavin Heffernan and his crew went out to Death Valley and did some time lapse photography so you can see how the sky changes overnight. The group found a weird UFO the last time they went out, and this time they captured some aurora-type lights that they think were caused by a coronal mass eruption that took place the night they were shooting.

To get the look of the video, the crew enhanced some of the foreground landscapes and merged star trails with time lapse footage for a technique they’re calling “starscaping.” They also put together a short documentary on how they planned and set up the shoot. It’s totally mesmerizing. [My Modern Met]