The New Google Maps: Flat, Clean, And Built Just For You

Although not much has changed with Google Maps mobile services, the desktop app just got a major redesign from the ground up. Specifically, Google wants to give you your very own map "built for you."

So taking into account your friends, preferences, and favourite places, Google uses its immersive imagery to give you a fully customised experience. Click on one of your landmarks — for instance, a restaurant — and you can take a look inside right within the map client:

Plus, the redesigned map should make finding things a much quicker, more convenient experience. All your results are labelled directly on the map, so you can scan for information without having to dart back and forth from map to sidebar. You can even use filters to tailor what you're seeing (such as location, landmarks, and friend's suggestions, among other qualifiers), meaning you can finally get rid of all the noise.

The first set of invites should be going out tomorrow morning, and you can request your own here.

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