The Most Stunning Way To Start A Fire Since Lightning

The simple form and function of a Zippo lighter has made it an incredibly iconic design. But it could soon be supplanted by Alessi if the Italian houseware manufacturer prices its new Sushi lighter to compete with the Zippo. That, or convince a Hollywood producer to have an action hero prominently use it in an upcoming blockbuster.

Designed by Rodrigo Torres, the pocketable Sushi comes in a small selection of colours reminiscent of how KitchenAid tints its appliances, and it's no coincidence. Alessi and Torres wanted to emphasise the lighter was designed for domestic use around the home, not as a tough-as-nails outdoor accessory. And in the process it looks like they turned a mundane candle accessory into an object that's more mesmerising to look at than a flickering flame.

[Rodrigo Torres via Behance via Notcot]

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