The Last Umbrella You’ll Ever Buy Can Easily Survive A Wind Tunnel

Taking inspiration from a motorcycle helmet, which protects riders from the elements without hindering their line of sight, Stephen Collier created the Rainshader to be the next generation of umbrellas. And given it can survive Gale Force 7 winds up to 60km/h, it could be the last brolly you ever buy.

Working with experts at the International Institute for Product and Service Innovation at the University of Warwick, Collier designed the Rainshader to funnel rain towards the front and back of the umbrella, not in all directions like with a traditional design. And since it protects the user like a waterproof dome that extends well below their shoulders, there’s less chance of them getting completely soaked.

As an added bonus, the $40 Rainshader is also made from fibre glass struts instead of metal. And that, coupled with a rubber handle, means you’re not wandering around in a storm acting like a mobile lightning rod. [Rainshader via University of Warwick via Gizmag]