The Construction Lamp: An Oil Derrick Look, Inspired By Tinker Toys

The Construction Lamp looks like oil derricks you see dotting the landscape in parts of Texas. Their industrial aesthetic is the result of the designer Joost van Bleiswijk playing with the nuts, bolts, and tools in his workshop as though he was still a kid.

In fact, van Bleiswijk says the lamp was inspired by a love for Meccano, the tinker toy construction sets of yore. The great thing about Meccano, of course, is that it's just a series of components — what you actually build with its joints, wheels, and gears, is up to you. In a way, that's exactly what's happening in these awesome lamps, which borrow their components of old electricity towers and industrial buildings. [Joost van Bleiswijk via MocoLoco]

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