Aussie Xbox Durango Leaker Charged By Police, But Not With Computer Crime Offences

This morning we warned that SuperDaE would dump all of the information he had collected over the years via his FTP server if he was arrested today. Now we're at the close of play, how did it all go down?

Details are sketchy at this point, but from what we understand from a brief chat and a few tweets, SuperDaE was charged today in a WA Court, before being released on bail.

Update: Police tell us that SuperDaE (aka Dan Henry) hasn't been charged with offences related to computer crime as we foreshadowed last week. The WA Police have refused to tell us the specific charges, however.

As for the details of SuperDaE's FTP manifesto, those will have to wait for another day, he tells us. He's not above tweeting them out at a later date, he tells us.

We'll update with more soon.

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    Looks like his eyebrows have come down for a drink.

    Andrew Tarantola is going bald so he grows his eyebrows long and combs them up over his head.

    Aww :( I thought we would get some saucy new info on the next XBOX!

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