Star Trek Into Darkness Writer Admits That The Nudity Was Gratuitous

Before you all explode with complaints: this post has no Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers. Anyway, if you've seen the trailer for the new Star Trek movie, you know that there's a weird shot of Alice Eve in her underwear. It's just as weird in the movie, and almost looks like they had to throw some nudity in the film to keep people paying attention to the blah-blah. Well now Damon Lindelof, the writer of Star Trek Into Darkness, has come out and said that the scene was out of place in the film. Quite right.

Lindelof — also known for his work writing stuff like Lost and Prometheus — came out on Twitter today with an apology about the weird scene.

At least he knows for next time. [Damon Lindelof via io9]

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