Sony's New Cheap Laptops Are Actually Kind Of Beautiful

We've sort of gotten used to having to spend a disproportionate amount of money on nice-looking computers. Cheap laptops are not the same as premium laptops. We understand that. For once, though, inexpensive doesn't mean "junky plastic mess".

Sony's new 14-inch and 15-inch Fit laptops aren't much to gawk over in the guts department. The 15-inch has a 1080p display and the 14-inch a 1600x900 (touch optional), and they come with 2GB discrete video cards. But they're pretty. They're well made, without much flex at all to them (though there was some in the keyboards when we saw them), and build quality that isn't quite top notch but is far above what you're used to from computers that cost $550-$580 (non-touch) or $650-$700 (touch). They'll be out in mid-May.

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