Some Guy Went On An Insanely Destructive Rampage On A Bulldozer

Holy crap. You know in Grand Theft Auto when you're trying to destroy everything — cars, homes, the entire street — in your way while racking up as many police officers on your tail just for giggles? That actually happened in real life. A 51-year-old man went on a ridiculous rampage on his bulldozer destroying four homes, smashing cars and cutting power to thousands of people.

Barry Alan Swegle apparently was "highly agitated" at his neighbours and took his logging bulldozer to raze hell on his neighbours in Port Angeles, Washington. It looks pretty much like a war zone.

Neighbors suggest that Swegle went on his demolition streak with his International Harvester TD-25 because of a property line dispute that had been "brewing for some time". Swegle has been booked into county jail for first degree malicious mischief (which sounds like a pretty hilarious crime).

Just check out the destruction:

[Peninsula Daily News, Seattle Times via BoingBoing, Image Credits: AP]

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