Social Networks Make You Feel Like You're Missing Everything

In theory, social networks are supposed to make you feel closer to everybody. Oh, look! Jim is driving a tractor on Instagram. Wow, Sarah just invited me to her baby shower on Facebook. But the truth is social networks do a really good job at making you feel left out too.

Wait... why did my friends all check-in at the same spot on Foursquare? How come these drunken Instagram pictures look so fun? WTF, Thanks for the invite!

College Humor poked fun of everyone who uses social networks to see the events they're missing out on by making a trailer for a horror movie called FOMO: Fear of Missing Out starring Anna Camp. There are few things worse (there are a lot of things worse) than being alone on a weekend as all your friends party together and document their night on Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and more

[College Humor]

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