Who Won Gizmodo’s HTC One Phones?

Who Won Gizmodo’s HTC One Phones?

You love the HTC One. And everyone loves free stuff. So which Gizmodo readers came away a winner?

Underneath the HTC One’s bright, 4.7-inch, 1080×1920 (469ppi) Super IPS display hides a monstrous 1.7Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip, 2GB RAM, a 4MP camera with Ultrapixel technology and up to 32GB storage juiced by a 2300mAh lithium-polymer battery. Learn more…

#HTCOne Comment Comp

This was a fun 24-hour quick fire competition. You used Gizmodo’s special #HTCOne signature box to make helpful and genuinely insightful comments — and we had heaps. Almost 800 on Monday! Look out for another one of these comps in the comings weeks. We won’t give you any notice, though. You’ll just have to stay tuned to Giz. The winner this time around was:

@raserbot aka @Guess Who Tip for Prepaid on Vodafone. If you use prepaid (only tested on Vodafone) and don’t make calls as much, but use a lot of data, you can spend all your flexible credit, before it expires, to buy data packs. This way you will have another 30 days to use up all the credit transferred into data to use it up, before recharging again. $16 of Flexible Credit gives you 350MB.
So if you buy a $30 Cap, which gives you $450 Flexible Credit and 500MB of data, and you only use $290 on calls, which is a lot of calls, the remaining $160 credit will give you 3.5GB of data which you can use within 30 days. You can also keep topping up your data anytime, using Flexible Credit, whenever you run out.
Bonus Tip: You can buy a $30 Cap in Coles and Woolworths with a 10% discount which makes in $27 and saves you extra $3 to buy coffee.
I want the #HTCOne for its: Beats Audio

HTC One Optus Competition

Here we asked you to tell us “one way the HTC One could change you life…” Our favourite comment (and winning pick) goes to:

@derpus I’ve been wrongfully committed of a crime I didn’t commit.
My Nexus S died of natural causes in January, but I was caught at the scene of the crime and charged with murder.
The court of hand-me-downs sentenced me to hard labour, and I’ve been locked up in cell 4S of Apple’s walled garden for months, too terrified of recent changes to laws around cellphone unlocking to risk a jailbreak.
I would never harm an Android, but the courts won’t believe me. They want me to spend time in rehabilitation, until they’re satisfied that I pose no risk to Androids anywhere – all I need is One device to have faith in me and stick by me until I clear my name.
And who better to have as a character witness than the One device that’s the centre of attention, the One device which is the quintessential Android, which every other Android aspires to be like – the HTC One.
Please, help me clear my name.

Congrats guys! And thanks to everyone who entered…