So Kim Dotcom Wants To Sell Me A Patent

So Kim Dotcom Wants To Sell Me A Patent

Kim Dotcom has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. He’s fighting off international criminal charges, he’s a Call Of Duty champion, he’s a musician, and now it turns out, he’s also a patent vendor. Kim claims to own the patent that deals with Twitter’s new two-factor authentication service, and he wants to sell it to me.

Image: Hannah Johnston/Getty

Twitter rolled out two-factor authentication yesterday, joining companies like Google and Microsoft, which gives users more security on their accounts.

Kim Dotcom came out on Twitter yesterday claiming that Twitter is using a two-factor authentication method he patented years ago, but added that he wouldn’t sue over its alleged theft. Instead, Kim just wants them to help fund his defence.

He tweeted yesterday:

…before adding that he’d just as happily sell the patent to help fund his defence:

…so I figured, why not?

I dropped Kim’s email a line and got a response late last night with the asking price:

$US50 million with a proviso that Kim takes a 15 per cent cut of any earnings related to it. Not a bad price for something that’s supposedly used by some of the world’s biggest companies.

So, who wants to loan me $US50 million?