Ruslan Kogan Lost His Licence And Had His Car Impounded

Poor Ruslan Kogan. Like it wasn't enough to postpone an overseas trip to fight a case against telco wholesaler ISPOne, now he's had his car impounded and his licence revoked.

The multi-millionaire behind gadget retailer Kogan Online lost his driver's licence for a period of six months this week after allegedly putting his BMW Coupé through its paces around Albert Park in Melbourne, reports The SMH.

For the uninitiated: Albert Park is the venue Melbourne uses for the Formula 1 each year. Whoops.

Kogan was reportedly nabbed by the police and alleged to be blasting the BMW around Albert Park at a speed exceeding 100km/h. Kogan fought the charge however and had it amended in court to a speed of 85km/h. That's still 35km/h over the 50km/h speed limit in place at Albert Park.

As a result, Kogan's licence was suspended and he copped a $500 fine before his car was impounded. [SMH]

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