Recon Instrument Jet: Google Glass For The Sporty Types

Three years ago Recon Instruments came out with one of the first ski goggles with a HUD to be used by you and me for leisure activity. It was a novel idea — who wouldn't want to see how fast they're flying down the mountain? Today at I/O, Recon is debuting the Jet, a Google Glass-like set of shades that the company says is comparable to a tablet or smartphone (or Glass).

Not much is known about the fledging Jet other than a set of specs that include: Wi-Fi, GPS, a dual-core processor, ANT+, Bluetoooth, GPS, a HD camera and multiple sensors. Recon claims to have native apps built that allow users to browse the web, stream video, connect to Facebook, keep track of your activities and the like. Think of it as a smorgasbord of every other wearable on the market.

Jet could be useful for active types without the need for all the social (Facebook, Twitter) and utility apps (SMS, Email). What do you think?

Why do these look so GINORMOUS?

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