Plug Into These Revived Vintage Speakers Or Just Ogle Their Beauty

Camera lovers aren't the only ones who get to fawn over retro design nowadays. German company Soundpauli has made a racket of taking vintage speakers and restoring them to their former glory. They're stunning.

Each device is doted upon cosmetically and electronically, adding a 1.8-inch mini-plug for your smartphone or iPod as well the ability to power your speaker with AA batteries. And if you have a beloved old junker in your attic, Soundpauli will give it a makeover for you.

They seem to have a wonderful cache of old devices on-hand. The Philips with the green cable featured above was an speaker from the '70s. Here it is on eBay as part of a turntable set. The red Ziphona is an amplifier, also from the '70s, pictured here.

The original makers of these devices aren't lost on the trend, and many are attempting to incorporate retro design elements into new products, as camera-makers have been doing for a few years. But the originals will always have that extra something special.

Sadly for us, Soundpauli is currently only shipping their creations to a few countries in Europe. But show them the love and maybe they will re-consider. [via NotCot]

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