Our Google Search Autocompletes Are So Depressing

If there is such thing as an all-seeing eye of the internet, it would be Google Autocomplete. It takes in what we type into Google’s search box and fills it out with common searches. The results of Autocomplete can be stereotypical, hilarious and… depressing.

This video shows what the common autocomplete search is when you type in your age. I’m 15 and…

It’s scary how the early age autocompletes are pregnant. Most of the results are sex related whether it be pregnant, never have been kissed, being a virgin, having a baby too late and so on.

The video, which was made by Marius B., uses a browser in incognito mode with no user signed in, no cookies and no previous search history. Marius B writes:

Using billions of searches, Google has prototyped an anonymous profile of its users. This reflects the fears, inquiries, preoccupations, obsessions and fixations of the human being at a certain age and our evolution through life.

[Marius B]