Our Favourite Aussie DJ Is Back With More Insane Skills Than Ever

Remember M4SONIC? We brought you his exploits a few months ago. Basically he's a pianist-turned-DJ who uses his two Ableton Launchpad controllers to make some amazing music. Now he has teamed up with Aussie-band Empire of the Sun for a remix of their new single, "Alive". Set faces to stunned.

An Ableton Launchpad, for those playing at home, is a square box with soft keys on it that can be pushed to trigger samples in Ableton, an awesome music editing and production platform. There are a whole bunch of live Launchpad mashups on YouTube, but M4SONIC is one of the best..

The remix of "Alive" has elements of M4SONIC's earlier work, especially his awesome original composition, "Virus". You can watch that one below. That was his first composition, and since then he's gone on to do a few great mixes, mashups and dance tracks.

Empire Of The Sun's new album is out in June.



    I would love to see a collaboration between M4SONIC and Beardyman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsF3n-_dZCA
    That would be amazing

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    Set faces to stunned.

    Helpful, insightful comment:
    This is a Star Trek pun. It is funny because the original quotation was "set phasers to stun" and is said whenever the members of the Starship Enterprise are not to engage in fatal action. By changing the words 'phasers' and 'stun' to 'faces' and 'stunned' respectively, mild humour is generated.

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      You should look at renaming you account to 'PunBot 3000'

    With this Mans talented fingers, he's going to make a future partner very happy. And yes, I do mean that in a naughty way! ;)

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    wow thats great, sweet new empire of the sun album coming!!!

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    We should have this in our high schools so then students have a 'modern' musical instrument to learn which they wouldn't find 'boring' and 'old-school.'

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    Man, how many takes did it take to get that right? Seems like an extreme version of the child's game memory... what could make those touchpads awesome would be programmable OLED icons on the keys ala the Optimus http://www.artlebedev.com/everything/optimus/popularis/

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    I want to give him a Hi-5 or a Handshake

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    With finger dexterity and virtuosity like that, this person is likely also a piano virtuoso!

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    the guy's got mad skills!

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    I knew there was a reason I should of learnt how to play the Piano. Someone should get this guy a Midi Fighter 3-D, would love to see him tear one (or two) up!

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    Not a DJ

      Don't be one of those 'only mixing two records by ear on vinyl is DJing' pricks. You are a (thankfully) dying minority stifling good innovation in DJing.

    definitely should check out kapslap, possibly the best dj i have ever heard, but now ive found this guy its pretty amazing, this is good, and i love empire of the sun

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    I remember watching a DJ use a single launchpad to remix and mash up a few songs, but two launchpads? Impressive.

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    I never understood how these pads worked... Seems really hard to remember which button sounds which sample.

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    While it is impressive that he remembers where all the samples are on the controller, all the hard work has already been done before hand, including composing the song in the first place, which he didn't do. I think it looks more impressive because of the light up buttons.
    Personally, I don't think button pushing is that awesome (thinking of the DJ's twiddling knobs on stage trying to look cool, where most of it is just playing back a pre-recorded track), it is the hard work that goes in to the production before hand to create an awesome sounding song, that is where the real skills are.

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      the only thing he didn't create was the vocal track. every pad on those two controllers is either a drum sample or a note from a synthesizer and he is playing them in real time. this is some real skill. even if he just chopped the music from the original song (he didn't, as it's a remix) it would still be impressive if he could then play it all back in real time with the song

    I think I am going to have to get myself an Albeton and be less than able on it. And annoy my wife.

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    As a DJ myself let me stress that he is an amazing musician. What he is doing is basically on the fly music production, (song composition), which is incredible.

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      Exactly what i was stating above. he is not DJing at all. it is on the fly music production.
      I dj & produce my self also, and i would never say this is DJing

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