Our Favourite Aussie DJ Is Back With More Insane Skills Than Ever

Remember M4SONIC? We brought you his exploits a few months ago. Basically he's a pianist-turned-DJ who uses his two Ableton Launchpad controllers to make some amazing music. Now he has teamed up with Aussie-band Empire of the Sun for a remix of their new single, "Alive". Set faces to stunned.

An Ableton Launchpad, for those playing at home, is a square box with soft keys on it that can be pushed to trigger samples in Ableton, an awesome music editing and production platform. There are a whole bunch of live Launchpad mashups on YouTube, but M4SONIC is one of the best..

The remix of "Alive" has elements of M4SONIC's earlier work, especially his awesome original composition, "Virus". You can watch that one below. That was his first composition, and since then he's gone on to do a few great mixes, mashups and dance tracks.

Empire Of The Sun's new album is out in June.

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