No Camera Was Used To Create These Unbelievable Photos Of Rain

Rain isn't the weather condition that photographers generally hope for. But if you knew how to take marvellous pictures like this, you would be doing rain dances on the reg.

Klea McKenna spent many nights in the rain learning how to capture the water droplets in just the right way — and without a camera. These are photograms, created with nothing but photo paper, light and rain. Instead of a lens focusing light on a frame of film, or a digital sensor, a photogram exposes a bare sheet of photo-sensitive paper to light, with objects or materials blocking parts of the paper and thus forming shapes and tones based on transparency.

The results, in this case, are pretty magnificent:

McKenna is a bit protective of her process, understandably so. If you came up with a way to freeze the elements with such dynamism and beauty, you'd probably rather to keep the magic to yourself too. Besides, the mystery actually adds to the enjoyment, and gives us a chance to speculate in the commets below.

Meanwhile, check out more of McKenna's amazing work here.

Pictures: Klea McKenna

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