Nissan To Release The Face-Melting GT-R Black Edition In Australia

Hold onto your spines, Australia: we're getting a weaponised new version of the Nissan GT-R super car, aptly named the GT-R Black Edition. Ooooh.

The car that science built is getting a lighter exposed carbon fibre spoiler, special Recaro seats and new 20-inch RAYS alloy wheels that are designed to be lighter while adding strength to the car under steering so that the wheels don't fly off around a corner. Smart.

The GT-R is already a beastly car, sporting a wicked top speed of 311km/h after being hand-built by robots in Nissan's sealed facility. For more on that, fast-forward to 2:18 of the Top Gear review.

The price for this hardened Black Edition? $200,000. Well, I lie. It's actually a manufacturer recommended price of $182,500 with an expected drive-away price of $199,990. You save that $10 and buy yourself something nice.

We hope to bring you a first-drive of the face-mashing Nissan GT-R Black Edition soon. [Nissan Australia]

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