Nissan To Release The Face-Melting GT-R Black Edition In Australia

Hold onto your spines, Australia: we're getting a weaponised new version of the Nissan GT-R super car, aptly named the GT-R Black Edition. Ooooh.

The car that science built is getting a lighter exposed carbon fibre spoiler, special Recaro seats and new 20-inch RAYS alloy wheels that are designed to be lighter while adding strength to the car under steering so that the wheels don't fly off around a corner. Smart.

The GT-R is already a beastly car, sporting a wicked top speed of 311km/h after being hand-built by robots in Nissan's sealed facility. For more on that, fast-forward to 2:18 of the Top Gear review.

The price for this hardened Black Edition? $200,000. Well, I lie. It's actually a manufacturer recommended price of $182,500 with an expected drive-away price of $199,990. You save that $10 and buy yourself something nice.

We hope to bring you a first-drive of the face-mashing Nissan GT-R Black Edition soon. [Nissan Australia]



    after being hand-built by robots
    You're a funny man, Luke. A funny, funny man!

    Here's an odd thing. I was watching a documentary on how they make the top model Audi (can't remember what it's called - the sports car). The narrator went on at length about how the chassis is hand welded by Audi 'artisans' who have worked at the factory for a minimum of 10-20 years. This was due to the need for such high precision in the welds. I just sat there thinking how more accurate the welding would be if they used robots (with or without hands).

      One thing robots can't duplicate is 'the feel for something being right', I think this is where the 10 - 20 years thing came from.

        Not much to feel when you're welding 8th inch steel sheets. then there is the fact that friction stir welding makes a stronger weld with less energy use but has to be done by robot because a human can't react fast enough to counteract the forces involved.

          I agree humans are terrible at doing stuff.

      In case of the GT-R, the part the author kind of messed up here, is the fact, that while the car body is being assembled by robots, its the engine, that is assembled by hand, by one engineer per unit (ie one guy assembles all engine parts start to finish). The first couple of units actually had a signature somewhere, not sure if thats still the case.

    $182.500 Just wait for five years and get a second hand grey import from Japan for 12 grand

      good luck, a cheap R34 Skyline GTR is going for at least $35,000 for a 13 years old car. You really think the GTR will drop to 12 grand in five years?

      I think you made a typo, you said wait 5 years and get a import for 12 grand. I would buy two if that were the case.

      You'll also have trouble buying one of these as a grey import since the model line is being sold by Nissan here in Australia, making it impossible to import one privately unless you've had it registered as your own private vehicle for at least 12 months in another country. Got any other ideas?

        I've got a better one. Buy it in Germany, for 60% of the price. Drive it there only. After all its one of the few places in the world, where one can actually max out this car (also generally enjoy driving it). Take it to the Ring on weekends.

          And since the Ring is for sale, buy that too and you don't have to worry about all the other numpties getting in your way!

    after being hand-built by robots
    Then they get rebuilt by humans.

    WOOF !!!!!!

    Me wins lotto, me gets one. Jeremy put his back out, and had to have his balls surgically removed from his rectum after driving this beast.

    When this baby hits 88 miles per're gonna see some serious shit.

    My dream wheels.

    Last edited 27/05/13 3:01 pm

    You could juts go to the US where the MSRP is $109,330 for the black edition - you can't tell me that the difference is purely taxes - guess with our tiny population Nisan is not really going to make much of an effort while recouping some loses overseas is an added bonus
    Ohh and the track edition is still cheaper than our black edition :(

    Last edited 27/05/13 3:13 pm

      Australian has an imbecile tax of 100%, which is why we pay 2-3x as much as USA.

        It's not an imbecile tax, it's a bend over and think of England tax. We also earn 2-3 times more than their minimum wage as well.

        Last edited 27/05/13 4:24 pm

          Oh god, not the minimum wage debate. While the minimum wage in the US is half of what it is here, the cost of living is also half of what it is here. Then once you get to the median wage the US is practically the same as us. Take into account the higher cost of living here and they are better off. To top it off we get overpriced cars, so we are getting royally screwed.

            .....Funny how that's relevant to the topic of our discussion isn't it.

            Last edited 27/05/13 6:00 pm

              "We also earn 2-3 times more than their minimum wage as well."

            Don't forget how we are getting ripped off on tools, electronics, clothes, food, hell, just about everything. We're not the lucky country, we're the idiot country and all businesses know it.

      Ah yeap, look up luxury car tax!
      "Generally, the LCT rate for cars delivered or imported after 3 October 2008 is 33%."
      So then you have to add the obligatory Australia Tax on top of that, so $200k sounds about right.

      Last edited 27/05/13 3:47 pm

    Just remember this is the country that made a car here, exported it to the USA as a higher spec model and it still cost less in the USA than over here (Monaro/Pontiac GTO).
    I think the R34 is a much nicer looking car, but I'm not sure I'd want a used one at the age they are at now, it would be a money pit unless some granny accidentally bought one for church on Sunday trips.
    People scoff at the $200K pricetag but it'll run rings around other Euro supercars that cost twice as much.

      Its interesting to see how this car has "appreciated". When the current GT-R was launched in Australia, the price was $ 155k (the black edition for $160k a year later). The Skyline-name, despite having a significant heritage in Japan, had no pull in markets like the US or Europe, the car was simply selling because of raw performance facts. Now that it has received plenty of coverage and build a reputation, Nissan seems to adjust the price accordingly.

      Its still a performance bargain, though.

      Last edited 27/05/13 5:52 pm

        Just as a balance to this argument of "appreciating" GTR - Remember Japan has had some significant environmental disasters in recent years. Nissan factories were damaged in Japan. They can afford to increase the price of the GTR (it's still cheaper than competitors). A lot of japanese companies increased prices, including Canon and Nikon. I believe it's possible operating costs would have risen over this time. Remember this effects Nissan AND component suppliers too. I have no figures to back this up.

        to be fair on Nissan they adjusted the price when they added more goodies with the 2012 facelift. For starters it has 50 more hp and bigger brakes.

    Yeah, it's sweet car and all, but for the same amount of money, I could have me a fine collection of even more impressive motorcycles.
    You want balls out thrilling speed, sit your ass on a Superbike. (if you have the nerve, and no dependents to care about) :)
    I DO like the GTRs though.

      The Nissan would still beat it around a race track though. Better braking and higher speed around corners.

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