Motorola Really Is Making A Flagship Android Phone Called The Moto X

Motorola, a company trying to figure out why it still exists, is apparently making a flagship Android phone called the Moto X. Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed it in his interview at the D11 conference.

Motorola has been very quiet on the phone front (both in what it will do and how its phones have been received) but this Moto X will be the next phone it makes. Woodside said:

“We have a hero device that’s coming out that’s going to be called Moto X”

Surprisingly, the phone will be built in the US in a plant outside Fort Worth, Texas. A unique feature of the Moto X will be that it's "contextually aware". Woodside says that means the phone will know when it's inside a pocket and when it's taken out, when it's inside a car and so forth. The Moto X will be the hero phone of a "handful" of Motorola phones that will launch by October. [AllThingsD]

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