Monday Night Web Movie: Star Trek Continues

Ever wanted to watch more episodes of the original Star Trek series, despite the fact that everyone involved now looks a bit melted? Good news! An homage to the series in the form of Star Trek Continues is now live online.

It's not a shot for shot remake, nor is it a spoof: instead it's an homage to the original series and a nod. As if to say, "we'll take it from here".

The first episode is entitled "Pilgrim of Eternity". Here's how the episode is described:

Apollo returns to wreak havoc on Kirk and the Enterprise in the first episode of the new series.

Apollo is even reprised by the actor who played him in the original series, too!

Enjoy Star Trek Continues.

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      Amazing what you can accomplish with some old Star Trek ep's and a fart track ;-)

        You know, this reminds me of that time you tried drilling a hole through your skull after watching Jackass, do you remember that ?

        I can prove to you how intelligent I am simply by highlighting the country I was born in and the flag we follow ?....and how others have made such great accomplishments for mankind and I haven't ?

        Last edited 27/05/13 6:32 pm

          Zaphodity, what the fuck are you smoking? No more after work pcp for you sir!

    The acting is worse than back in the 60's. Grant Imahara should stick to Mythbusters. His Mr Sulu was just painful. Arrgghhh.

      I agree with you on that - the sets and costumes are spot on but some of the acting especially Sulu is just really painful to watch - I like the concept though

    Yes grants acting is terrible, but for the most part the rest of the cast are quite good.

    very faithful and accurate to the original series. the sets are spot on from the fabric of the costumes to the lighting hues right down the the sick bay cushions,
    They should be very proud. A ton of work has gone into making it look and feel right.
    This is rather well done. As for Grant Imahara, I think for the most part he seems bad because we're used to seeing him as the geek from Mythbusters, not a gay swordsman from the future. :)

    Last edited 28/05/13 8:44 am

      Sulu was not Gay - I think you are confusing fiction with fact

        It was a joke FFS. See at the end of the sentence, that's a frigging smilee, that means I was joking....!

        Last edited 29/05/13 5:36 pm

    excellent attention to detail for the sets and effects including sound but the leads were a bit "meh". They need deeper voices for starters.

    Interesting, James Doohan's son plays Scotty.

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