Monday Night Web Movie: Man Versus Storm

You're chasing the biggest storm in your lifetime. A storm that threatens to tear the one of the world's most iconic cities to shreds. You wade through rapidly-rising water as police cars fly by, when all of a sudden, the power goes out, and you are one of 8.2 million people plunged into darkness. You're in the middle of Hurricane Sandy. Welcome to Monday Night Web Movie.

Man Vs Storm is a documentary that focusses on a group of storm chasers tracking how Hurricane Sandy affected the city of New York.

They trudge through the storm-lashed city, experiencing the moment the power went out, the police blockades and the people: some of them desperately hoping for the storm to be over from inside their makeshift shelter, others using the time to their advantage to streak nude around the city.

Enjoy Man Vs Storm.

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