Miller Lite Redesigns The Longneck For The First Time In 40 Years

With the help of design firm 4sight, American lager Miller Lite is changing the look of its iconic glass bottle for the first time in 40 years. On the left is your old faithful longneck. On the right is what you'll be imbibing at bars and restaurants later this year.

The new bottle is more modern, has broader shoulders and a contoured grip. MillerCoors says it's easier to hold than a traditional cylinder-shaped bottle. Beer that's easier to grip? Can't argue with that.

The timing of Miller's redesign is interesting. Budweiser just introduced a new bow tie-shaped can, a literal interpretation of its bow tie-shaped logo. Pepsi, too, just redesigned its 16- and 20-ounce plastic bottles for the first time since 1997. Perhaps the timing is coincidental. Or perhaps beer companies are trying to keep up with the craft beer phenomenon, which has enlightened us to how bottles can influence taste. Either way, updates are good. While we love the classic longneck look, we're not afraid of a little change. Let us know what you think.


    Yeah I like it, cool, just like the contents. Aesthetics do make a difference, it probably wouldn't taste as good if you were drinking it out of a vase, toilet, sample jar, Dr Pepper, etc..

    Ah this is awesome, I'd love to see this readily available

    You really think beer drinkers pick their beer based on the design of the bottle or did the marketers working for Bud manage to convince Bud that drinkers do. At any rate it doesn't matter to me because I think that all Bud beer is ordinary at best.

      You don't think the way a bottle feels in your hand has a subconscious effect on your appreciation of the experience? I know I find that stubbies feel cheap, regardless of what's in them.

        How would I know that something is having a subconscious effect? How would I know the feel of the bottle has a measurably effect greater than, say, the time of day, the lighting in the room, the amount of ambient noise, the company I'm with?

        Two more things. 1. I usually put beer bottles into an insulated beer holder so the feel of the bottle is moot. 2. My preference is to drink beer from chilled beer glasses.

          You know all those things by doing product, packaging and market research. It doesn't really matter if you're aware of it, it only matters if it happens.

    Making love in a canoe...

    On the right is what you’ll be imbibing at bars and restaurants later this year


    silly americans thats not beer thats a mixture of toilet water and cat urine

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