Microsoft Has It All Wrong In This Stupid New Ad

Microsoft Has It All Wrong In This Stupid New Ad

We’re all for Microsoft’s cool batch of ads lately. Did you even see that awesome Lumia 920 ad where they got all the fanboys and fangirls fighting? Good times. This one, though, is on the opposite end of the spectrum: Microsoft wants to show you how expensive the Samsung Galaxy S4 is and it’s doing it in the silliest possible way.

The ad’s premise is pretty simple: in the US, the Galaxy S4 costs $US749, while the Lumia 521 costs $US149. That’s a $US600 gulf between the two products, so Microsoft wants to show you just what you can get for your money by purchasing the cheaper Lumia than the S4.

For your spare $600, Microsoft store folk deck you out with some Monster Purity Pro headphones, a microSD card and an Asus Vivobook on top of the Lumia 521. Not a bad haul, but this is still one of the stupider things I have ever seen.

The Galaxy S4 is a weaponised hero phone, while the Lumia 521 is a cheaper phone oriented for the more affordable pre-paid market. So saying that you bought an a Lumia 521 and some swag instead of the S4 is like saying you passed on a Ferrari and instead bought a Toyota Corolla with cash to spare to spend on a crappy house in the suburbs. You can’t compare the two products you end up with.

The Lumia 521 is still a good phone, it’s just the Galaxy S4 is clearly better because of the way it has been built. Microsoft is deliberately comparing apples to oranges. [Microsoft]