Meet The Badass Sidecar Riders Of Shanghai

Of Shanghai's 24 million inhabitants, just 250 are supposedly registered sidecar drivers. Photographer Aurelien Chauvaud introduces you to the riders of these badass wartime bikes in this amazingly juxtapositional photo series.

The photographer stumbled across this small group of riders, which is made up of people from all different professions and walks of life, by accident. But the similar composition of each photo puts them on a level playing field:

My photographic approach is situated between reportage photography and conceptual photography. I wanted to create images that are at the same time portraits and landscapes, which are engrained in reality and in an imaginary. I never interfered with the appearance of the protagonists that I photographed; their bikes, clothes and style are entirely their own.

And the results are some pretty amazing photos. You can check out the full series on Chauvaud's site.

[Aurelien Chavaud via OItzarIsMe]



    Just for the record...these sidecar-outfits are ChangJiang CJ750-bikes. They are a copy of the Russian IMZ Ural-outfits (themselves a modified copy of German BMW R71) and both the Chinese and Russian types are present in Australia, too. IMZ-Ural sold ca 50 units last year locally, they are becoming quite popular with some adventure-tourers, due to excellent offroad-abilities.

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