New Android Apps: Marvel Unlimited, Expense Manager, And More

Who says iOS users get all the fun? This week saw two major titles hit Android in full form, giving the comic book geeks among us a vessel for their passion, but general interest users weren't left out either now that a full Flipboard app has arrived. But this week didn't just play catch up, you also got an awesome app all your own.

Marvel Unlimited: Marvel Unlimited is now available on Android. The awesome Spotify-like subscription service for comics launched back in March on iOS devices. Some specifics: It's got access to 13,000 back issues, lets you add comics to your library, can store six issues for offline reading (ugh, yes, we'll get to that), sorts by character, series, creator, or events (think Civil War, Onslaught, etc.), and syncs your downloaded comics across all your devices. [Free]

Expense Manager: Anyone struggling to balance their finances these days is going to find themselves at a loss for an excuse. All the money managing, counting, and advising apps floating around can be beneficial, sure, but the sheer volume both in design and function makes picking the perfect one for you a daunting task. Expense manager, though, is a clean, beautifully designed app that breaks through the clutter to make keeping your accounts in a line a pleasant — and dare I say enjoyable — experience. [Free]

Flipboard 2.0: Flipboard could always be viewed on Android devices, sure, but the integration it has with iPad was one of its major draws. Android users were left to view their feeds with pretty much no other functionality — until now. Finally, Android users can create feeds based on topics, events, personal interests, or whatever else your heart desires. Plus, you'll get more control over the visual layout of your Flipboard, so you can finally use it how it was meant to be used. [Free]

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