Limelight: Share Your Carefully Crafted Movie Collection With The World

Limelight: Share Your Carefully Crafted Movie Collection With The World

Nearly everyone and their grandmother has at least some sort of streaming service at their fingertips — or at the very least, they have a streaming service that someone is letting them mooch off. But despite the prominence of streaming video services, there’s still a good number of cinephiles out there who still love buying actual, physical copies of their beloved films.

To somewhat keep up with the streaming masses, Limelight lets you access and share your catalogue of physical movies with the digital world.

What does it do?

Limelight visualises your entire library of movies on one screen, letting you organise them between films to watch and films you’ve already watched. Tap the film’s poster, and a brief description and rating care of Rotten Tomatoes comes up along with the option of watching the movie’s trailer. You can also follow friends and share your own library with anyone — even if they don’t have the app. A handy public URL gives anyone you’d like access to browse your lovingly crafted collection.

Why do we like it?

The app itself is beautiful, giving you a lovely view of movie posters along a clean, wooden bookshelf. Having all the information on any one of your films at a moments notice is an incredibly handy feature for any burgeoning collector — or casual fan, for that matter. And the fact that you can AirPlay trailers certainly doesn’t hurt. But the best part is by far the app’s gift of a public URL, letting you share your collection with anyone with an internet connection. Managing and organising your movies has never been simpler.


Download this app for: iOS ($1.99)
The best part: public library URLs
The worst part: can’t view by category