Kramer Glitch Art Basically Re-Invents Glitch Art

Glitch art can get rather repetitive these days. But when the very subject of your glitch art is Kramer repeatedly sliding into Jerry’s apartment?? Well, the mould has been broken.

Michael Richards’ blustery entrances are a national treasure of television. Watching them melt together in pixelated splashes creates an impressionistic dance of nostalgia. Monet — move over. The video was made by Visitor Design who have a wealth of kooky projects on their site. But one thing I can’t figure out is their video description on Vimeo:

PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK – 2013 . the satellite connection to jerry’s memory goes out. kramer wires a 4chan fourth wall spycam directly from larry david’s doctor-shopped prescription google glass into jerry’s optic nerve. elaine is abducted by an MK ULTRA cult and becomes obsessed with aldous huxley. george channels the lizard king.


[Vimeo via Animal]