Kogan Mobile Just Won Its Case Against ISPOne

Kogan Mobile Just Won Its Case Against ISPOne

Kogan Mobile has had a pretty rocky time of it lately, what with the accusations it was booting customers, followed by a legal fracas with its wholesale provider, ISPOne, over its alleged interferance with customer accounts that reportedly included kicking customers off the network. Harsh. We’ve just had word, however, that Kogan Mobile has won its case in the Victorian courts over ISPOne.

After offering so-called “unlimited” plans to customers at launch, some have been left with a sour taste in their mouths after allegedly violating the company’s Fair Play policy and being shoved off the network. Kogan Mobile blamed its wholesale provider, ISPOne, for the dramas, and it all ended up in the Supreme Court.

Details are still coming in right now but ISPOne reportedly withdrew from the action this afternoon. We’ll confirm as soon as we can.

Here’s the official statement from Kogan Mobile in the meantime:

We entered the telecommunications industry to shake things up, and make mobile access more affordable for all Australians. We knew this would ruffle a few feathers in the industry, but we never expected it to end up in Court.

Today’s victory means that Kogan Mobile customers can rest assured that their services will not be unlawfully interfered with by the wholesaler. Australians can trust Kogan Mobile to continue to provide the best deals in the market. We’re glad the right result was reached, and that the truth about the last few months is now abundantly clear.

Kogan will always fight for our customers to ensure that they get the best deals in the market.

Today is a win for Australians fed up with paying too much for their mobile phone access. The migration to Kogan Mobile has been one of the largest in Australian telecommunications history, and with today’s result we can only see this migration gathering further momentum.”


You won’t be booted from Kogan Mobile now unless you explicitly interfere with the telco’s Fair Play policies and/or terms of service. We’re still confirming whether or not that policy will mandate that people can’t use more than 400MB a day of data.