Jenson Button Is Racing In A Datsun Because Vodafone

Vodafone is desperate to get into Australia's telco good books. Seriously. It's pushing a new network guarantee, it has spent billions on its network upgrades, and it has new ads saying why you should want to give it a big hug. Formula One champ Jenson Button is in this ad, and he's driving a Datsun around a race track because Vodafone metaphors.

This is Voda's first ad for its 4G network. It's an online-only ad for the new network which goes live in June. We have already been hands-on with Vodafone's 4G, and so far we're suitably impressed.

The whole point of the ad is that Vodafone's old network was a clunker. A steaming pile of dross. Vodafone now wants you to think its network is a Formula One car, driven by an expert. See what it did there? [mUmbrella]

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