Is The Xbox One Coming To Australia? We Guess So

Is The Xbox One Coming To Australia? We Guess So

So we have a new Xbox. Or at least we’ve been teased a look at the new Xbox from a weird, pseudo-gaming press conference from Redmond this morning. So when do we get the new console in Australia? Mark from Kotaku went and asked Microsoft Australia, who don’t actually seem to know.

I hope you’ve had your coffee or something equally as strong: plenty of marketing double-speak incoming.

After the Xbox Reveal event this morning, Mark chatted to the marketing manager of Microsoft Australia. The first and most obvious question is, do we get it? After being led around the proverbial room for a little while over the availability of that weird Live TV functionality, Microsoft Australia’s Adam Pollington said this:

Similarly, it was difficult to pin Pollington down on a price or a release date. He would only state that they “will have details soon” and that Xbox One will be released in all major territories by the end of this year. We’re assuming (hoping) that includes Australia.

So do we get the Xbox One? That’s a solid ‘maybe’.

It’s mad to assume that Australia wouldn’t get it, really, seeing as how we already have the Xbox 360. It’s not like Microsoft is about to deprive itself of a revenue stream, no matter how small. It’s just a matter of when, how much and which functionality we miss out on (read: probably most of it).

Seriously, go and read the full report over at Kotaku to see stark differences between how Microsoft is handling the “launch” of the Xbox One compared to how Sony is handling the launch of the PlayStation 4. [Kotaku]