New iPad Apps: IFontMaker, The Doors App, And More

What's the point of owning an iPad if you're not going to let yourself get a little artsy with it? Good thing we've got plenty of apps down here to let your creativity roam wild. Plus a little inspiration if you need it, as well.

iFontMaker: While designers may suffer this the most, pretty much anyone who's typed anything, well, ever has struggled to find the perfect font to suit their means. Normally, you'd be forced to settle for something that only approximates your vision, but rarely will you find exactly what exists so clearly in your imagination, which, let's face it, may vainly just be your very own handwriting. But with iFontmaker for iPad and now Windows 8 or Windows RT, you can take total control of your typographical needs. [$7]

The Doors: Doors fan or not, their new iPad app created by Warner Music Group is a fascinating journey through the rise of one of the most iconic bands in history. You get detailed accounts of 275 major events along a timeline, intimate looks at the kind of equipment they used, tidbits about all the people in their lives, and of course, lots and lots of music. With 44 video commentaires and six full-length Doors videos all held within the app, this should keep you busy for a while. [$6]

Adobe for iOS: Hot on the heels of Adobe's announcement yesterday that Creative Suite is going to get a lot more cloud, they've made Adobe Ideas, a vector-based drawing app for iOS, absolutely free. The app also received a hefty update, adding several of the Creative Cloud features announced yesterday and a slew of new brushes. Of course, there's also a few new in-app purchases to unlock full pro-level functionality, but the app was $US10 yesterday, and now it's free. And if you bought it in the past three months, you can get a refund here. [Free]

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