iFontMaker: Make Your Own Font When Nothing Else Will Do

While designers may suffer this the most, pretty much anyone who's typed anything, well, ever has struggled to find the perfect font to suit their means. Normally, you'd be forced to settle for something that only approximates your vision, but rarely will you find exactly what exists so clearly in your imagination, which, let's face it, may vainly just be your very own handwriting.

But with iFontmaker for iPad and now Windows 8 or Windows RT, you can take total control of your typographical needs.

What does it do?

Takes you through the process of creating each individual letter (upper and lowercase) and numeral needed for a full font. You'll be able to test drive your creation before finishing as well as go back and make any necessary adjustments. The app spits out a final product on the web in the form of a .TTF file that you can then download and upload at your leisure.

Why do we like it?

While this may be a little steeper than your average app at $7.49, it's still way cheaper than shelling out for a single, custom-made font, which can easily start at around $20 a pop or thousands of dollars. Plus, you get a variety of tools and the freedom to make all sorts of weird characters, giving you a virtually infinite number of typographical directions to take. But even more than giving you total control and at its core, it's a fun, ingenius little app that allows you to let your creativity fly.


Download this app for: iPad ($7.49), Windows 8/Windows RT ($4.99) The best part: multiple grid options to guide your strokes The worst part: hope you have a steady hand



    This app looks like hell on earth

    Er. It's a steal at $7ish. Making good fonts though is a very time consuming process. We're all very used to getting some good ones for free with our Operating Systems. There can be hundreds of hours of time in developing a font. Kerning each character combination well is something that takes time. There's a wealth of info online for handling good typography. Here's one place to start: http://designshack.net/articles/typography/8-rules-for-creating-effective-typography/

    Last edited 09/05/13 3:30 pm

    There's a good reason good custom fonts cost thousands...

    There are also free tools online that do this, like the one at: http://www.myscriptfont.com/. Just fill out the template, scan, send, and they will create a font for you.

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