I Want These Daft Punk Lego Minifigs More Than Their New Album

Daft Punk's next official album, Random Access Memories, drops in just over a couple of weeks, which might as well be an eternity for die-hard fans. But while I'm as excited as anyone for the duo's next outing, I have to say I'm even more excited by these unofficial Daft Punk Lego minifigs.

Created by Jake Meier — who's got an entire Tumblr filled with excellent custom Lego minifigs — this Daft duo is truly his finest work. Everything from the miniature crate of colourful records to the tiny tone arms on the turntables makes me wish someone at Lego with influence — or a love of electronic music — will help make these a reality. [Jake Meier via Laughing Squid via Reddit]

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