How Jack Conte Made A Completely Crazy DIY Music Video From Scratch

Jack Conte’s “Pedals” music video is nuts. Holy crap, electronic music robot madness. But this is one of those situations where you have trouble deciding what’s crazier: the music video or the behind-the-scenes video describing how the music video was made. Be the judge for yourself.

And then you realise that Conte wasn’t working with some crazy budget. He made the whole thing happen by sheer will.

According to the behind-the scenes film, Conte worked on the set for the video for his new song “Pedals” 16 hours a day for 50 days. That sounds like an exaggeration, right? But when you realise the amount of detail that went into everything from the coordinating the robotics, to building and decorating a Millennium Falcon replica for the set, you can’t help but be wholly impressed by Conte’s work ethic.

Bonus: It’s a pretty awesome song too! [Jack ConteThanks Scott!]