How Fast Is The NBN Vs. Coalition Broadband? This Site Might Help

How Fast Is The NBN Vs. Coalition Broadband? This Site Might Help

This coming election is going to focus heavily on telecommunications policy and who has the best national high-speed broadband strategy, but how do we decide which one is going to be best if we haven’t used them? Meet James Brotchie. He’s built something that might be of use for those looking to make a comparison: a website that gives you a visual representation of the differences between the Coalition and Labor Party strategies.

The site simulates uploads and downloads of content on the two plans from both the Coalition and the Labor Party. It simulates Facebook high-resolution photo uploads, how long it would take to download a 2GB episode of Game Of Thrones from iTunes (naturally) and how long it would take to sync large engineering plan files (James is an engineer) to Dropbox.

We can’t be entirely sure of the Coalition’s minimum upload speed just yet, but James has gone ahead and assumed that it’s about 5Mbps up. Not entirely outlandish, really, but take that with a grain of salt.

It’s a really interesting representation of how everyday internet stuff gets done on the two different plans. It’s like a little peek into the future of telecommunications in your browser, and definitely something you can use to explain the difference between the two plans to someone totally confused about the whole thing.

The next question is: how does the Labor Party get this into an election leaflet? [How Fast Is The NBN? via r/australia]