Ground Boners And Other, Better Names For Everyday Things

Let's face it — none of use will have the opportunity to officially name objects that have been in use / existed for hundreds, (if not hundreds of thousands) of years. They've already got rock-solid, practical titles. But that's the problem: practical does not make for fun. So here are some alternatives that are not only informative, but entertaining.

In the video Jeff Wysaski, otherwise known as "Pleated-Jeans", wanders around a hardware store sticking price tags to products with somewhat more interesting names. Take the humble tree, for instance. Now, we could say "tree". Or, we could say "ground boner".

I know which one I'll be cracking out at my next garden party*.

This is a sequel of sorts to a video from last year, so feel free to give that a viewing first before moving onto this one. I won't tell anyone if you don't, though.


*This would be infinitely more achievable if I had a garden. Or held parties.

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