Great Gadgets And Tips To Cook Like A Chef

Great Gadgets And Tips To Cook Like A Chef

Cooking isn’t difficult when compared with neurosurgery, but it is much easier if you have nifty equipment and a few sneaky strategies. Here are Gizmodo’s favourite kitchen gadgets and Lifehacker’s best tips for creating gourmet meals without spending five years learning to chop onions in a basement. (Though if you want to…)

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1. Digital Thermometer

Wait, is the red line on the halfway-point or on the actual degree indicator. That’s you. That’s what you sound like every time you grill. Be scientific about your food, and figure out the temperature right down to the fraction of a degree.
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2. Digital Scales

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3. Tablet

Women’s Weekly

4. Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

5. The Smoking Gun

Tips & Tricks

1. Spend Time Planning

more affordableyou have a plan

2. Don’t Buy Single-Purpose Gadgets

clutter your kitchen needlesslymore useful alternatives to common single-purpose kitchen gadgets

3. Learn To Slice An Onion

put them all to the testhave a sharp knife

4. Organise Your Recipes

five best recipe organisation toolsPicture: Robert Couse-Baker

5. Learn To Work Faster

detailed 10 ways to speed up your kitchen tasks

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