GoPro, Now Providing Us The Experience Of Being Chewed By A Bear

GoPros... not only are they handy, but delicious, apparently! A fellow by the name of Brad Josephs left a GoPro inconspicuously secured to a rock on the Alaska Peninsula, in an attempt to capture footage of grizzly bears. And he got a look at grizzlies alright, both inside and out.

The bear in question doing its best to ingest the GoPro is a three-year old cub. Those of you hoping for the full gastrointestinal experience will be disappointed — the bear only manages to "gently mouth" the camera, in Josephs own words. The device came out the other end of the trauma undamaged, the camera (and memory card) was used "many more times".

The footage was captured for a BBC / Discovery Channel documentary called "Great Bear Stakeout" and I must say, getting that close to the inside of a bear's mandibles made me a little queasy — not the thought of being devoured, just all those teeth and the saliva. Ew.

[YouTube, via PetaPixel]

Video: Brad Josephs

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