Google's Rad Skee-Ball Game Turns Your Phone Into Wii Remote

God bless the whimsical programers over at Google who are forever finding fun ways for us to waste our days. Check out the Chrome team's latest experiment, which pairs your computer and your phone so that you can play an awesome game of Skee-Ball. It's called Roll It, and it's wonderful.

When you head over to the experiement on your computer's browser, just follow the pairing instructions to set up Roll It. The game uses your computer's screen as the display where you'll see the targets you're rolling for. Your phone, then, becomes a Wii Remote-like controller that you swing back and forth to actually roll.

As you can see, it's quite a lot of fun, even if I kind of suck at this game. Hurray, Google, for making excellent use of your phone's acceleromter. [Whitenoise]

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