Google Might Announcing Game-Related Stuff At This Year's I/O If This Is Legit

Here's something interesting: Google is probably going to announce something game-related at this year's I/O conference in San Francisco. We've got a leak of the invite for I/O, and it's hinting at some cool stuff coming.

The leak, provided to us by "a Googler", bears the heading "Let's Play Together", and follows-up with "Join Us As We Re-Invent The Playground". Curious. There's also a Google-style homage to Space Invaders, and arrows pointing at the game-space inviting people in. All the images are in Google colours and the fonts all match Google's in-house style. If it is taking the mickey, someone is doing a great job.

It has been announce already that Google is working to create a city-wide event inside its augmented-reality game, Ingress, and perhaps it's thinking about opening that game world up to everyone after its beta phase, but we're not sure just yet. So what else could it be? Is Google working on a OUYA-style console running Android? Better yet, will Google buy OUYA?

Of course, it could all be a fake.

What do you want to see out of this year's I/O conference?

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    Looking forward to the announcement, everything Google does seems to be innovative and it's been working for them so far (awaiting the results of the Google Glass popularity of course).

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

    I think Stuart's right in that Google does tend to be one of the leaders in innovation, and it'll be interesting to see how smoothly the latest fruits of their efforts at I/O blend in with all their other products.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I hope they plan on removing all the rubbish copy-cat games in the play store.
    It's really annoying going through the store and seeing complete rip-offs get to the top of the lists.

    Does this annoy anyone else?

    As for the event. Should be interesting, could be anything really but probably a separate app store for games, so that they can be filtered better and categorised.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    Most likely will be something they plan to tie in with Google Glass.

    Would be interesting if it's somehow linking Google Maps to some gaming system (like steam or Xbox) so people can find fellow gamers in their area.

    Or doing some Civilisation style game using Google Maps. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

      I agree, Google Glass augmented reality concept...

      I want the #HTCOne for its: Boobs

        I second your #HTCOne reason. Better resolution boobs...any time, any where.

    I hope they develop some kind of break through Android game that will make iPhone users jealous.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Beats Audio

    If we are playing the guessing game, put me down for an Android version of the Apple Game Center. Google's focus has been on improving the social aspect of lots of things, so adding unified social experiences to games would make sense.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    If I could only get the briquettes to light, I'll make it to lunch. The afternoon will have to fend for itself.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    Personally don't see the appeal for games on a phone (too small?), but on a tablet is seems to make a bit more sense. I loved playing with emulators on a 7inch screen, felt like a gameboy.

    So it's still a welcome addition :D

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

    Something looks fishy to me. We also got the same tip. Hrm...

    (You might need to look at this image on a laptop screen and tilt it to see the amount of crap behind the logo.)

    The big Android is way too blurry.

    And finally, the tip came from an account that pretended to be a Googler, but really it could be anybody (they used a address, not I'm sure it was the same person who tipped us, and he didn't use his actual email but rather a web form. Am I right?

    Don't forget the Play store - There could be something going on with that?

    I was reading on another article that this is fake. If you tilt the screen back you can the see the Google logo has a lot of dirt behind it. Not the way Google would do it definitely a copy and paste. what do you guys think?

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    Their argumented reality game looks pretty interesting, i'm not sure if it will catch on though. In the notice it says lets "reinvent the playground", it sounds alot like they will be releasing a device aimed at a significantly younger market. I may be wrong, but I really hope that's not the case. The amount of children using smart phones is very high and a great potential market but I really think children shouldn't be glued to devices, they should be interacting with each other. If they don't then we could end up with a generation of shy, anti-social people!

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I honestly would love to see the unified messaging system!! Please Google please!!

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

    Multiplayer space invaders?? Google your a genius.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    My money's with Tazza above for a "Game Center" to manage multiplayer connectivity, leaderboards, user names and game saves etc.

    Don't think it willl be this year (if ever) but I'm also really hoping for a merge of apps/games across Android and Chrome. They've had a lot of success so far in creating a kind of simple emulated environment to do this and there are already developer tools to code for both platforms simultaneously. Probably too much to ask for this year but it would do wonders to push Chrome OS as a real viable alternative.

    Don't think it's the Ouya thing though Jason. Google need to do something about Google TV (like move it off Android 3.2) before they start releasing hardware for the living room (I say like I can influence the Googleplex).

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    Sorry, am I the only one who noticed this:
    "Google Might Announcing Game-Related Stuff"

    I'm pretty sure there's a "Be" missing in there. Or is there a new sector of Google called Google Might?

    Hope this is helpful! *crosses fingers for HTC One knowing full well they won't win one on a pretentious grammar correction*

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I would love to have a feature in Android that saves progress in different games on a cloud rather than locally basically something like Steam Cloud but for Android. Jailbreaking and trying different ROM's sure does get in the way of completing Cut the Rope when I forget to back up the local file =P

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    Last edited 06/05/13 8:16 pm

    Wish they hurry up already with this. im on the verge of shopping for a new tablet. im willing to change to android, but have been using an ipad mini and its seducing me...


    I want the #HTCOne for its: Camera Quality

    Allll I want to see is new android with nexus 7 and the new unified messaging service !!!

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    What could it be? I remember reading about Google hiring a well known game developer. May 15th is not too far off.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    I can't help but think a droid based gaming system would be too niche to be viable, surely everyone with a droid phone/tablet would probably prefer to pay 5 bucks for the game on their device rather than pay an extra 3-500 for a system to play what would probably be much the same game on.

    Then again, maybe they're announcing their own console to add yet another to the next gen console wars.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Screen

    There are other sites around the web that are saying that this is a false lead with decent facts. For example if you tilt the screen back the Google logo has alot of 'noise' around it which you wouldn't find on any of Google's official documents.

    However, I am hoping that cross-device saves are being introduced in the next Android iteration as well as the central hub that was leaked from Google Glass. One of the best reasons to follow Android is that you never know where the next iteration of Android is going to take you next.

    I want the #HTCOne for its: Design

    I don't think the Play Services were mistakenly left in the Google Glass APK. I think there is a new version of INGRESS the game, which would supply the UI to use the Play Services for games in the Glass APK.

    What better for a game that interacts with the real world and than Google Glass. The bloody Ingress site website even shows a picture of what they want to end up with:

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