Google Might Announcing Game-Related Stuff At This Year's I/O If This Is Legit

Here's something interesting: Google is probably going to announce something game-related at this year's I/O conference in San Francisco. We've got a leak of the invite for I/O, and it's hinting at some cool stuff coming.

The leak, provided to us by "a Googler", bears the heading "Let's Play Together", and follows-up with "Join Us As We Re-Invent The Playground". Curious. There's also a Google-style homage to Space Invaders, and arrows pointing at the game-space inviting people in. All the images are in Google colours and the fonts all match Google's in-house style. If it is taking the mickey, someone is doing a great job.

It has been announce already that Google is working to create a city-wide event inside its augmented-reality game, Ingress, and perhaps it's thinking about opening that game world up to everyone after its beta phase, but we're not sure just yet. So what else could it be? Is Google working on a OUYA-style console running Android? Better yet, will Google buy OUYA?

Of course, it could all be a fake.

What do you want to see out of this year's I/O conference?

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