Google And NASA Are Building The Future Of AI With A Quantum Supercomputer

Google and NASA have announced that they're teaming up to create a laboratory focused on developing the future of artificial intelligence — using quantum supercomputers.

The Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab, based at NASA's Ames Research centre in California, will be home to a quantum computer from D-Wave Systems. Researchers will work to, in Google's words, "study how quantum computing might advance machine learning".

In practical terms, Google thinks that quantum computing could transform web searching and speech recognition technology, while some of the collaborating researchers will be hoping to learn how similar tricks can be used to model disease and climate It's obviously unclear what will come of the project, or how long the results will take to appear — this is cutting edge stuff, in its very early stages, after all — but it sure sounds like it could be exciting. [Google via New York Times via Verge]

Image by D-Wave

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