Gmail's Getting A Neat Freak Overhaul For Web And Mobile

Google just announced a new interface layout for Gmail based around customisable tabs. The goal? To you help manage your goliath of an inbox. It looks incredible.

The new inbox design is coming to both web and mobile. It's based around tabs that function much the way labels did before — except that they'll actually work this time. Why? Thanks to Google's smart automation that's already at work in your inbox determining what deserves priority billboarding and what should be sent to spam.

Your email filters into one of these five different categories — like priority, promotions and social — and you click between the different tabs so that you're looking at more useful subsets of your mail instead of the firehose.

Here's what the new view will look like on your desktop.

Here are Google's preview of the mobile application layout.

The new inbox is rolling out over the next few weeks to Android, iOS and desktop Gmail. [Google]

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