Get These Cool Screen-Extending Lights While You Can

The concept of extending a viewing or playing experience beyond your screen is nothing new. The most notable concept was when Microsoft demoed the Illumiroom a few weeks ago. But it's not a concept anymore. This guy has an awesome set of screen extending gadgets successfully funded on Kickstarter, and it closes today.

The Lightpack is a curious little box that clips onto the back of your TV or monitor and reads the light coming from display to "extend" it onto the wall behind the screen.

It works with your home theatre PC or your games, and fits all sizes of panel. Depending on your TV, you might have to get a few Lightpacks, but there are bundles in the backer section to sort you out. By way of disclosure, it's worth noting that I have ordered two for my 55-inch panel.

The coolest part about backing it however is the fact that it has already surpassed its funding goal, so getting in now means that the unit will more than likely be built and sent to you by September, rather than playing the waiting game to see if it ever gets funded.

It closes in just a few hours, so make sure you jump on it. [Kickstarter]

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