Full-Scale Lego T-800 Terminator Sent Back In Time To Blow Our Minds

We wholeheartedly approve of this recent trend of perfect 1:1 scale Lego creations. First, it was the Lego X-Wing which tipped the scales as the largest Lego creation ever assembled. And now it's this smaller -- though no less fantastic -- full scale Lego T-800 Terminator model built by Martin Latta.

All in all, the endoskeleton gobbled up some 15,000 Lego pieces to accurately recreate its intricate pistons, wiring and other components, including extra-evil light-up eyes. Skinning the creation is going to be extra tricky. But we're sure Latta is up to the task of perfectly capturing a Terminator's peculiarly Austrian features. [Flickr via The Brothers Brick]