Fantasy Author Builds His Own Iron Man Gauntlet Out Of 22-Gauge Steel

Building your own Iron Man-like suit is asking a bit much, unless you're a dedicated cosplayer. But you might have the inclination (and resources) to throw together part of it — the mask, a foot. A nipple, perhaps. Take David J. Guyton, who in the clip above just focuses on crafting the best damn Iron Man glove he can... completely out of metal.

Along with being a hobbyist metalworker, Guyton is the author of three fantasy novels, including Blood and Bronze and Soul Under the Mountain.

Going from the video, the gauntlet, fashioned from 22-gauge steel, is made entirely using hand tools, with Guyton carefully cutting and hammering each piece into shape. That's the fun part — once all the bits are made, they have to be glued onto the base glove one at a time and held in place for ten minutes.

At least the end product is worth the wait.

Guyton also mentions the availability of a template you can use to make your own — there's even a screencap in the clip showing the link in the description — however, he's yet to upload it. Not that it's a huge loss, unless you're looking to be the armoured king of your local LARP group.

[YouTube, via Instructables]

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